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Added on November 18th 2014

Meet Boris

Meet Boris

Another year at Birmingham’s Cake International Competition and another Gold for the prize winning Cakes For All UK founder Rosy Fallick.

In a weekend of ups and downs, Rosy has once again come up trumps with a truly breath-taking, uniquely bespoke cake in the Sculpted Novelty Cake section (meaning that the cake should have no internal support, and should be 100% edible).

Not a problem for highly skilled Banbury cake makers, Cakes For All UK. Rosy Fallick spoke of her final design: “I came up with the idea shortly after the last show, so it’s been in my mind for 12 months!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“Last year so many competitors made figures from a cartoon or film but I wanted to do something completely unique and from my imagination. With such a busy cake year it really helped knowing exactly what he was going to look like and what I had to do to create Boris (the name of the star of the cake). I wish I had been able to spend more time on him, I only managed to spend around 14 hours on him in the end and literally finished him 8 hours before he had to be delivered to the NEC!”

On Friday 7th November, Rosy and her daughter Emily left early, packing their boxed cakes in the car and preying they remained in-tack for the entire journey. Rosy said:

“It took around 50 minutes to get there and all the way I was imagining Boris’ head falling off, or his ears melting. We didn’t even put the heating on just in case!

“Because of a few last minute changes I made to him, I wasn’t overly confident about him. When we went into the competition area and saw what else was being entered, Emily and I both agreed we would have been happy with any award even just a merit.”

Once the cakes were in place, Rosy and Emily decided to head off for a well-deserved breakfast before going to check out the competition (and to find out what people thought of their hard work). Rosy noticed many people even falling in love with Boris’ loveable eyes (although not his cooking skills)!

With so many cakes in the competition, all completed to an exceptionally high standard winning Gold came as a huge shock to Rosy, although in the same token shock also turned to sadness as Rosy discovered fellow competition entrant and daughter Emily who entered into the Under 12 Birthday Cake section was unfortunately disqualified, due to her cake lacking inscription. Rosy explained:

“It was a real shock winning Gold for the second year running. Unfortunately it was in the same message from a friend that also pointed out Emily’s had been disqualified. It was a real mix of emotions. I’m over the moon to have received Gold again, there was a lot of pressure from friends and family saying of course you will get a gold!”

Although Rosy won’t rest there, she is already planning next year’s impressive three entrants in three different categories, in order to show off her skills in different areas.

And what happens to Boris we hear you ask? He will be taking pride of place along with last years’ Gold winner ‘Humphrey the Baby Elephant’ in the entrance hall to the cake house to great Cake For All UK’s customers.

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