A star in the baking!

Added on November 18th 2014

Cakes for All UK founder, Rosy Fallick had better watch out, as she has some tough competition biting at her heels!

Today we introduce you to 11 year-old Emily Fallick, not only blessed with Mum Rosy’s love of cake making, but also her winning streak.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

At just 11 years-old, Emily has already shown a world of cake-making flair, originality, passion and grace.

For 2014’s Birmingham Cake International, Emily entered her cake-making skills into the Under 12 Birthday Cake section. At just 10 years-old at the time of making her cake, Emily spent months perfecting her design, before putting her design into action in Cake For All UK’s kitchen of wonders.

Emily explained: “I was thinking of ideas for a few months and drew lots of pictures to decide which one looked the best. It was either a seaside theme or a waterfall with a toadstool. I decided I could do more with the toadstool.”

And she certainly could! While unfortunately Emily’s masterpiece was disqualified for a lack of inscription, we’re pleased to say that she would have achieved a fantastic Silver! Speaking of her experience at this year’s Cake International, Emily said:

“I really liked making my cake in Mum’s kitchen. I was very sad when Mum told me about my cake being disqualified. When we went on Sunday and I found out I would have won Silver, I was very happy.”
Not letting one small hiccup get her down, graceful Emily is preparing to come back next year with a cake that will blow everyone’s socks off: “I’m determined to get a gold next year. We have decided to start making them very early next year so we don’t have to rush. I’m going to make everything in stages and very detailed. We might even go to the London show too!”

And she doesn’t plan on stopping there, Emily plans on setting her sights high too with a flourishing career, “I would like to take over Mum’s business but I would like to be a doctor too.”

There you have it, Dr Emily Fallick, the cake making extraordinaire. Banbury and the rest of the world certainly haven’t seen the last of the incredible skills from the ever-so talented mother and daughter cake making duo!

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